IMI Norgren recently announced the availability of the new P-Series NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder!  The cylinder is designed to be a lightweight, high-performance, feature-rich, and cost-effective member of the Norgren pneumatic cylinder lineup.

The P-Series cylinder comes in five standard bore sizes from 1.50 inches to 4.00 inches, and strokes from 0.125 inches to 100 inches!  Ports are available in 3/8 NPT or 1/2 NPT, and it has a maximum operating pressure of 250 psig.  The P-series cylinder requires no service over its lifetime when used with a properly prepared air supply (Norgren sells FRLs, too!), as all internal components are lubricated at the factory.

Standard NFPA mounts are bolt-on accessories.  Choose from a wide selection of rigid or pivoting mounting options to meet your specific application requirements.  Integrated rod locks are also available for passive load-holding applications.

To simplify ordering options, Norgren decided to include a magnetic piston as a standard feature.  Combined with the c-slot grooves on three sides of the cylinder, it makes position measurement or detection a non-issue.

To make ordering even easier, the P-Series cylinder comes standard with Norgren’s Adaptive Cushioning System (ACS).  The ACS is designed to automatically adapt to changes in load and speed, and it is preset at the factory, meaning faster installation and less adjustment for you.  Only in edge applications will needle adjustment of the cushions be necessary.  Norgren’s Ecology seals are also available for high speed or high vibration applications.

With many standard features and a focused set of options available, the P-Series cylinder is readily available.  Learn more about the new IMI Norgren P-Series NFPA Pneumatic Cylinder at their website!

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