SICK deTec4 light curtains

Let Tec-Hackett help you put some certainty back into the uncertainty you may be experiencing with in-stock safety products from SICK!  

Tec-Hackett is stocking common light curtain sizes at their Fort Wayne, IN warehouse, ready to ship today!  SICK’s deTec4 and deTec4 Core light curtains can cover almost any light curtain application, from basic, guard-only applications, to more complex applications that require cascading, muting or reduced resolution.  We also have the RLY3 Safety Relays that you’ll need to integrate the light curtains into your electrical controls, and we also have the cables to connect them.  

Best yet, if you have questions about using SICK’s light curtains, our SICK Specialists are ready to answer your questions!

Learn more about the deTec4 at SICK’s website.

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