While it is certainly nice to stick to one standard, does it seem like you just can’t avoid having mixed threads (NPT and BSP) in your pneumatic systems?  Do you “solve” this problem with thread converters and adapters?  If so, we can help you minimize your fittings inventory with Camozzi Pneumatics’ Pro-Fit fittings!

All push-in pneumatic fittings are the same, right?  No!  When you first pick up a Camozzi Pro-Fit fitting, you will immediately notice that they are fitted with what looks like an O-ring.  However, it is actually a PTFE sealing ring. The ring compresses upon tightening, which means that no Teflon thread sealant is required for installation.

You may also notice that the Pro-Fit has a short set of threads, but it probably won’t occur to you that it is a design feature with a distinct advantage!  If you consider that NPTF and BSPT/P threads have very similar thread pitches, the short threads of the NPTF Pro-Fit fittings are able to sufficiently engage both thread standards, making them a universal fitting!  The sealing is done not by the threads, but by the sealing ring. It’s reusable, too! One, and done!


The Pro-Fit NPTF fittings are denoted with part numbers that start with the letter “P.”  They are all-metal, nickel-plated brass collet, body and threads, making them UV resistant and incredibly durable.  They come in thread sizes 10-32, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch, with tubing sizes (outer diameter) of 1/8, 5/32, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 inch.  There are nine body styles, so you can be assured that there is a Pro-Fit fitting for your application.

Best of all, Tec-Hackett stocks Pro-Fit fittings as a part of our comprehensive fittings inventory.  Chances are good that we’ll have what you need on our shelf, which means fewer part numbers and less downtime for you.

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